The Server Health Monitoring & Optimization Conundrum

The Server Health, Monitoring & Optimization Conundrum

The Server Health, Monitoring & Optimization Conundrum


For all those who have worked, are currently working, with SQL Servers and Databases, you may have nightmares about keeping those servers and databases running and running efficiently. If this sounds like you, then you can probably recall a past scenario in which you ran into an issue with your servers or databases, and just how much of your time, resources, funds, etc., you had to use to get the issue sorted out

I have a question for those people who thought back to those problems they experienced in the past with SQL Servers and Databases, “Would your life have been any easier if you had installed a software product that could have done all the server health, monitoring, and optimization requirements for you?” I would venture to guess and say that any software product that could have done those types of tasks for you would have been a hot commodity. You may want to consider this your lucky day, because I am about to introduce you to a product that not only does everything I just mentioned, but so much more.

Some of the different checks that can be performed by this product, in the SQL Server and Database server health, monitoring, & optimization realm, are listed below:

  • Database Details
  • Server Audit
  • Missing Indexes
  • Indexes Not Used
  • Process Monitoring
  • Wait Statistics
  • Indexes Out of Maintenance

Those items are options available to the user of this product, which means you can turn them on and off, set them up to run automatically at specific intervals, use them to find specific data to help narrow down issues and their locations. Not only can this product help with finding issues, but there is also a knowledge-based article index that provides an article to explain the issue, what caused it, and give you some suggestions and directions on how to correct the server or database issue that was identified. The identification, understanding, and resolution of these issues are all now possible from one console, and available at your fingertips.

The need to be able to monitor and optimize SQL Servers and Databases to maximize effectiveness and efficiency has always been there, but, until now, has stayed just out of reach. This is no longer the case with the introduction of our revolutionary new software product, so let me be the first to introduce you to SQL Assure™ Enterprise Solution by 4 Horsemen Solutions™, LLC. Our product is going to make the process of identifying and resolving SQL Server and Database issues a much more streamlined and focused process.

Of course, SQL Assure™ Enterprise Solution does not only do what we have discussed so far, but there are many regulatory compliance audit and reporting abilities built into the product as well. FERPA, FIPS, FISMA, HIPAA, NACHA, NSA (Ultra), and PCI/DSS compliance audits and reporting are also built into the software and can be used whenever necessary. Knowing how much this product does, and how much easier your life will be once your organization puts this product in place, you should be asking why your organization does not have SQL Assure™ Enterprise Solution already?

If you or your organization are ready to take a look under the hood of this new product, and all its endless possibilities, then call 4 Horsemen Solutions™, LLC, at 1-800-429-5260, or visit our website

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