Welcome to 4 Horsemen Solutions®, where our commitment to the fusion of collaboration and innovation is epitomized in the Assure PAK+ Enterprise Solution.  Our cutting-edge offering is more than a mere upgrade; it represents a comprehensive enhancement, meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing Soft-PAK® infrastructure, propelling your operations into a new era of efficiency and productivity.


Revolutionizing Operational Excellence with Assure PAK+


In alignment with the foundational functions of Soft-PAK®, Assure PAK+ transforms waste hauling operations into a realm of unparalleled efficiency. This sophisticated toolkit is meticulously crafted to complement Soft-PAK® and propel your organization to unprecedented heights of productivity.


Precision in Real-Time Mapping for Optimized Routing


Building upon Soft-PAK®‘s robust features, Assure PAK+ introduces real-time mapping to further refine routing efficiency. This feature facilitates the immediate integration of new customers, optimizing routes with precision and enhancing overall operational flow.


Dynamic Real-Time Reporting for Informed Decision-Making


Harness the power of dynamic, real-time reporting with Assure PAK+. Gain invaluable insights into key metrics such as Route Revenue and On-Call Service Demand. This functionality seamlessly integrates with Soft-PAK®‘s systems, providing a comprehensive data analysis toolset.


Seamless Integration: Beyond Soft-PAK®


Assure PAK+ is ingeniously engineered to complement and extend the reach of Soft-PAK® through integrations with leading technologies:


√ SAP Crystal Reports Integration: Amplifies the value of your existing reporting tools, enhancing Soft-PAK®‘s reporting capabilities.

√ SnowFlake® and Microsoft SQL/Azure Integration: Ensures seamless data management and operational continuity with Soft-PAK®.

√ ChatGPT Integration: Harnesses AI to enrich business decisions, compatible with various data sources, including Soft-PAK®.


Empowering Teams with Advanced Tools


Assure PAK+ transcends mere operational efficiency; it empowers your team with advanced tools to seamlessly collaborate with Soft-PAK®, ensuring flexibility and profound insights:


√ Power SQL Query Tool: Elevate data analysis and sharing capabilities, complementing Soft-PAK®’s existing database capabilities.

√ Integrated Dashboard Editor: Transform data into actionable insights, augmenting the data management strengths of Soft-PAK®.


Transparent, Inclusive Pricing


At 4 Horsemen Solutions®, we prioritize transparent and inclusive pricing. Our straightforward subscription model ensures you receive all the benefits of Assure PAK+ without any hidden costs, complementing your investment in Soft-PAK®.


Embrace the Future with Assure PAK+ and Soft-PAK®


Embark on a journey of technological advancement with Assure PAK+. Together with Soft-PAK®, step into a future where efficiency, productivity, and insight reach unprecedented levels. Contact us to explore how this dynamic combination can elevate your waste hauling operations.

Assure PAK+

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