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According to, one of the leading global software advancements shaping our world most is database related software and database management systems. As of June 2020, both MySQL and Microsoft SQL servers were in the top three database management systems in the world, providing a platform through which developers can organize, update, and control large databases and focus on key data analytics. Knowledge of SQL programming languages has become an important asset in software development around the world, and database management skills are highly desirable. In addition, database management systems are also integral to the way that consumers access information through applications.


4 Horsemen Solutions® specialize in providing essential solutions and solving problems for complex database technology environments and keeping them in optimal health and performance.


Our 24/7/365 maintenance and support – combined with our small company agility and ability to quickly adapt to the needs of the customer – affords us an advantage over large companies in this ambiguous sector of the software development market. We empower our customers with expert-level SQL Server/Database Administration, Monitoring, Configuration, and Regulatory Compliance Auditing and Reporting.



We focus on ensuring that the design of the solution that we are providing is solving a pain-point or satisfying the need behind the demand.



We aim to innovate through disruption and invent superior products and services that lead to more efficient, cost-saving solutions.



We believe that adhering to a simple checklist structure cultivates success.

The SQL Assure® Enterprise Solution…

…was specifically designed to improve performance and solve the issues of SQL Servers and Databases in-house. As 4 Horsemen Solutions™ flagship product, it operates as a Command & Control (C2) Center for SQL Server/Database environments on a corporate network. It is an overall health and performance monitor, in addition to the regulatory reporting and compliance solution that it provides. See for yourself with our free, 2-hour trial download.

The Assure™ Dashboard Suite…

Data dashboarding as it should be. Built to provide any data, from any source, anywhere! Watch the video and download our free, 2-hour trial today!

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In a recent study by, it was revealed that North America occupies the largest market share of the global enterprise software market. The growth in the North American region – mainly dominated by the U.S. and Canada – is attributed to the growing trend of big data analytics and cloud computing. Also, increasing demand for business intelligence and the adoption of database management systems is another factor driving the growth of the enterprise software market.


4 Horsemen Solutions® products and services are tailored strictly as corporate technology and compliance enterprise solutions. Our SQL Server/Database products provide optimal performance and security, as well as PCI/DSS, NACHA, HIPAA, FERPA, FISMA, and NSA regulatory compliance to various industries.


We currently serve the following industries:


• Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance Institutions


• Retail Corporations that accept Credit/Debit Cards


• Retail Pharmacy Corporations that accept Credit/Debit Cards


• Hospital Networks, Hospitals, Medical Institutions, and Medical Insurance Organizations


• Dental Practices and Dental Insurance Organizations


• Educational Organizations (Universities, K-12, Private schools, etc.)


• IT/Telecommunications


• Energy and Utilities

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