4 Horsemen Solutions® specializes in providing essential solutions and solving problems for complex database technology environments. Our flagship product, the SQL Assure® Enterprise Solution, is designed to improve performance and solve issues for SQL Servers and Databases in-house. With nearly 20 years of industry experience, we have observed the needs of organizations utilizing SQL and have developed a comprehensive solution to ensure optimal resource utilization, application and data security, and the lowest security risk.


SQL Assure® Enterprise Solution: Empowering Your Database Environment


The SQL Assure® Enterprise Solution serves as a Command & Control (C2) Center for SQL Server/Database environments on your corporate network. It acts as an overall health, optimization, and performance monitor, offering regulatory reporting and compliance solutions. It conducts over 600 proprietary tests and generates reports with pass, fail, or warning indicators for “out of configuration” database settings that could impact regulatory compliance, including PCI/DSS, NACHA, HIPAA, FERPA, FISMA, and NSA standards. The SQL Assure® Enterprise Solution also provides source reporting for external auditors, ensuring transparency and accountability.


Key Features of the SQL Assure® Enterprise Solution:


      1. One-touch optimization and configuration fixes: Streamline and automate the optimization and configuration process for improved efficiency.
      2. One-touch audit/reporting: Easily generate comprehensive audit reports for regulatory compliance and internal analysis.
      3. Superior reporting tools: Leverage advanced reporting tools to analyze data effectively and gain valuable insights.
      4. Instant issue identification: Quickly identify and address issues within existing SQL Server deployments.
      5. Built-in analytics: Utilize built-in analytics to visualize specific data and create fully customizable dashboards.
      6. Seamless integration: Seamlessly integrate with existing customer tools and resources, including Microsoft SQL Server versions 2005–2019, Amazon RDS, and Microsoft Azure Database Services.
      7. Enterprise-level security: Benefit from an enterprise-level software application that is fully encrypted at the source code level, ensuring data security.
      8. Customizable functionality: Turn functions on and off based on your specific business needs and requirements.
      9. Data-Driven Decision Making (DDDM): Leverage both qualitative and quantitative analysis to make informed decisions.
      10. Continuous evolution of DDDM: Adapt and adjust your business goals as market conditions change, ensuring ongoing relevance.
      11. Reduced maintenance and troubleshooting costs: Minimize the cost and effort associated with system maintenance and troubleshooting.
      12. Regulatory compliance: Achieve compliance with PCI/DSS, NACHA, HIPAA, and FERPA regulations.
      13. Security standards compliance: Meet the rigorous security standards set by FISMA and NSA.
      14. Dedicated customer services and support: Access our 24/7/365 enterprise-level customer services and support for assistance whenever you need it.
      15. Remote support and troubleshooting: Benefit from remote support and troubleshooting capabilities for swift issue resolution.
      16. Scalability: Our solution is fully scalable to accommodate your growing needs and expanding database environments.
      17. Role-based user permissions: Assign and manage user permissions with role-based access control, ensuring data security and accountability.
      18. Best Practices Assessment and Reporting: Includes Microsoft SQL Server Best Practices Assessment and Reporting, helping you optimize your environment based on industry standards.


Comprehensive Support and Resources:


The SQL Assure® Enterprise Solution also provides a robust knowledge base of articles and information, internally linked within the system. These resources offer detailed descriptions of failures and warnings, relevant regulations, and step-by-step instructions to restore compliance. Our responsive technical assistance, expert Account, and Project Management teams are ready to assist with installation, training, or day-to-day usage, ensuring a smooth experience for our customers.


Experience Reduced Overhead and Enhanced Reputation:


Beyond the functional benefits, the SQL Assure® Enterprise Solution reduces operational overhead, improves return on investment (ROI), and preserves your organization’s reputation. Gain the confidence and assurance that comes with knowing you have achieved a reliable and effective solution for your SQL Server/Database issues.


Choose SQL Assure® Enterprise Solution for a comprehensive, efficient, and secure database management experience. Contact us today to learn more and start optimizing your database environment.

SQL Assure® Enterprise Solution

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