Manage Your Data In One Interactive, Customized Dashboard
with the Assure™ Dashboard Suite!


Connect all common databases – MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Amazon Redshift – and many more.


Easily integrate data from other ERP or CRM systems, such as Magento or SugarCRM.

CSV Import

Import CSV files from your local space or directly for your box, dropbox, google Spreadsheets, or FTP Server.

Web Analytics

Connect external data from external web analytics tools such as Google Ads or Google Analytics.

Social Media

Integrate all your social media data from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube and many more.


Connect your help desk data with a few clicks for advanced analysis, for example from Zendesk.

Custom APIs

Besides the standard data connectors, we offer customized API integrations to various applications.

Data Warehouse

Benefit from our high-speed data warehouse (dedicated servers).

Data Extraction Assistant

This feature optimizes the transfer process when you store your data in our data warehouse.

Remote Connection

Connect remotely to your own database(s) to stay in full control of your data storage.


Automatically identify data types, schemas and existing foreign keys for smart data preparation.

Data Shema Options

Choose between pulling your whole database structure including all or only selected tables & fields.

SQL View

SQL view allows you to run pre-aggregations or calculations on your data before importing it.

Field Types

During the database connection you can change the field types (date, boolean, text & number fields).

Reference Editor

Join different data sources by defining individual relationships between your sources with foreign keys.

Label Editor

Change the displayed table and field names with the help of our label editor.

SSL Security

By default an SSL connection is used when you integrate your different databases.

SSH Tunnel

Connect to your database securely using an SSH Tunnel with a cryptographic network protocol.

VPN Connection

Set up an encrypted tunnel between our server and your database using VPN (IPSec or OpenVPN).

Update Interval

Define individual update intervals for your different connected data sources.

Integrate your data sources with ease utilizing our Assure™ Dashboard Suite. Download FREE TRIALS of our Assure™ Dashboard Designer and Assure™ Dashboard Viewer today!