Best Defense is a Superior Offense

Best Defense is a Superior Offense

Best Defense is a Superior Offense


How Secure is your SQL Server/Database Data?  What are the experience levels and qualifications of your Database Administrators?  Are you in regulatory compliance with your data?  Will you pass a compliance audit?  Your best defense is having a superior offense.  By putting the right tools, qualified personnel, and a solid plan of action in place, you create a superior offense and remain on the proactive side of the equation.  The 5-P’s apply here… Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.  If compelled, refer to a quote by Benjamin Franklin, “If you are failing to plan, you are planning to fail.

What we see with our clients more times than not, are situations where SQL Server/Database health, configuration and optimization are not shored up properly.  Additionally, there is a serious lack of in-depth knowledge in SQL Server/Database deployment and maintenance that ensures the best resource utilization, application, data security, and lowest security risk.  This is not given the proper amount of prioritization in the PLAN.

With the recent global security breaches by trusted network management enterprise solutions, it is once again highlighted that, a “defense in depth” plan is the best path when developing your information assurance plan.  While SQL Server/Database health, configuration and optimization is only a piece of the overall organizational information security puzzle, it is frequently overlooked.  Typically, the senior leadership team is unaware of these issues until after a breach has occurred.  Why?  Because this is not given the proper amount of prioritization in the PLAN.

Many organizations are required to maintain regulatory compliance with their SQL Server/Databases in the following domains:

  • PCI/DSS Compliance Audit and Reporting.
  • NACHA Compliance Audit and Reporting.
  • HIPAA Compliance Audit and Reporting.
  • FERPA Privacy Compliance Audit and Reporting.
  • FIPS Audit and Reporting.
  • NSA Data Security Audit and Reporting.


A Senior Leadership Team should not find out that the organization’s SQL Server/Databases are not in compliance when audited.  An audit should serve as a confirmation of compliance. At that point it is water under the bridge and the priority is damage control with a reactionary reflex response costing time, money and damage to brand reputation.  Again, this is not given the proper amount of prioritization in the PLAN.

It is important to note that when designing your SQL Server/Database Configuration and Compliance Plan it should be aligned with the KIS/S philosophy.  Keep It Simple / Stupid.  The straightforward and detailed approach is best.  In the spirit of KIS/S, a central dashboard monitoring, auditing, and reporting enterprise platform that keeps all aspects of your SQL Server(s)/Database(s) in an optimized configuration and in compliance is an easy choice.  A choice that will bring reduced operational costs, reduced reactionary overhead in rebounding from failed compliance audits, or worse, a data security breach that damages your organizational reputation and has a negative impact on the bottom line.  We see our clients experiencing these pain points on a daily basis, and if you are looking for a solution, all while increasing the performance and skill level of your Database Administration Teams,  SQL Assure™ Enterprise Solution is your answer.

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